Glitter Fox

living the glitter life


Designed, sourced and manufactured locally in sunny Southern California from my Encinitas-based design studio. All items are handmade to order (by me!); not mass-produced in an overseas factory.. 

In addition to that, my items are professional grade, follow garment industry standards and are handmade using industrial machines.  

I'm a professional costume, lingerie and fashion designer who has 20+ years of experience making, creating and working in the fashion industry. I have a BFA in Fashion Design from OTIS College of Art + Design and have worked as a designer for companies like Trashy Lingerie and Leg Avenue, where my designs have been worn all over the world by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Holly Madison. I have extensive knowledge of pattern making and design and have the ability to make your sparkly dreams a reality! To see my professional work go to:

Creating stylish, high quality garments that fit, is my first priority. GLITTER FOXES come in all shapes and sizes and I embrace that!! I love making women (and  a few men) feel beautiful and glamorous.  That's why Glitter Fox is your GO-TO place for custom sizes. Whether you're 5'11"+ or 4'11"-, curvy, stick straight or average; I've got you covered! My skirts come in EVERY size...just like YOU!!! It's all about confidence, positivity and feeling fab. My designs fit, flatter and make you feel like a super star!

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The Idea

The idea behind Glitter Fox is that we are ALL foxes! No matter the size or shape. Looking fabulous is WHAT WE DO.

Style & Quality

Style and Quality are two of the major issues we address. The cutting edge style you want and the quality you expect. You can count on fabulous fit and high quality materials and construction.

100% Handmade

Our items are handmade with love in our Encinitas design studio. For custom designs, please contact us for an appointment.